How to set up an Email newsletter server

Make the leanest possible newsletter server newsletter.com in minutes.

Initial Setup

Complete the Initial Setup, Remote Access, and Specify Your Hostname sections specified in the Digital Ocean Guide.

Install Postfix

Configure Postfix

Configure Postfix to allow SMTP connections from only the IP of specific servers, then make milters sign every message with DKIM before sending.

Remove Relay Info

By default, Postfix puts metadata in the header that reveals the origin server. This can be undesirable in some cases. The following was taken from this article.

Install Dovecot

The Dovecot service listens for IMAP connections, reads and returns data from user's mail boxes. When you run this command, do not allow the installer to create a self signed certificate.

Configure Dovecot

In this configuration Dovecot will allow remote connections and use the system's local users and passwords to authenticate.


Add Users

These users and passwords will work for both Postfix and Dovecot.

Dovecot Debug

Enable Forwarding


Connect to your server programmatically and shoot off some emails!